Our mission: To save you money and help you find both specialty and ordinary items alike. No purchase is too big or too small!

Taobaoagent.com is a specialty shopping agency that primarily focuses on purchasing Chinese merchandise through the website Taobao.com. We service a wide range of clients, including a variety of individuals and companies on every continent. If you are looking to get great offers on top-quality Chinese items, TaobaoAgent is your most trusted service provide. 
Taobao.com is China's primary online marketplace. The website is bursting at the seams with valuable objects being sold at knock-bottom prices. However, because Taobao is only accessible in China, it impossible for non-Chinese residents to independently purchase these items. Therefore, it is TaobaoAgent's chief aim and great pleasure to assist our customers in transforming Taobao.com into an internationally accessible website by forwarding these objects through our company and to your doorstep on your behalf.

In addition, it is our duty to make our services readily available for everyone by providing not just safe and secure payment transactions, but also cheap, fast, and reliable shipping services. 
TaobaoAgent.com takes pride in its professionalism, and looks forward to assisting you throughout the course of your Chinese online shopping endeavors. Please join us and start your Taobao shopping today!