1.    Fees:

 1) Domestic shipping fee: If you buy multiple items from the same seller, you will  save much on domestic shipping.

Note:  If the domestic shipping fee is not retrieved, we will charge you 12CNY shipping fee.

2) taobaoagent Service Fee: 10% of items fee + shipping costs. Our minimum service fee is 5USD per parcel. taobaoagent will still charge you 5USD even if (item fee + domestic shipping) is less than 5USD.

3) Handling charges for different payment methods: 


Only accepts US Dollars


﹡: 3.9%+0.3USD means the bank will charge that, taobaoagent.com won't charge you any bank service fee.

4) Freight charges:

Express vendors


China Post


50% off


5) Exchange Rate: Based on the exchange rate announced by the Bank of China, Our exchange rate currently: 1CNY=0.16USD.

2.    Time:

1)  Arrival of goods to taobaoagent: Usually takes 3-5 days after we purchased.

2)  Shipping date: After you submitted delivery and paid  for it.

3)  International delivery time: Normally, EMS takes 7-15 days, Air parcel 15-35 days.

3.    Service:

1)  Our minimum service fee is 5USD, but there is no minimum order requirement.

2)  Virtual goods: We do not accept this kind purchase, which includes gift cards, game tokens, etc. due to illegal practices.

3)  Quality of goods: We will verify size, quantity, colour, pattern of the goods, but we are not responsible for quality.

4)  Electronic products: We can only verify the appearance and model.

4.    Customs:

1) We guarantee clearance at Chinese customs, and we will bear responsibility for all problems associated with Chinese customs.

2)  Destination customs: If there are tariff requirements or confiscated goods in your country, we cannot be responsible for damage or loss.

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